Children Class

The Aikido By the Bay children program is tailored towards introducing younger members of the community to the core principles of Aikido, which emphasizes harmony; it offers an opportunity to explore on how to face fear and how to relay with conflict at a deeper level. Aikido makes us look deep within ourselves and stimulates greater awareness.


Children learn the same Aikido techniques that are taught in the adult program. A great deal of emphasis is placed on basic techniques; as an early introduction to these important exercises helps children develop good form and Aikido techniques, mental discipline and it is also an excellent preparation for senior and more advanced classes.


The curriculum encourages students to learn necessary etiquettes and respect for tradition. Children also develop sensitivity and patience towards their fellow students, while being physically engaged and highly entertained. Colored belts are awarded as children progress through the ranking system, which ranges from 10th to 6th Kyu. Testing helps students develop a sense of self-confidence as they advance through the ranks; testing is conducted every 3 months. There is also a colored stripe system that is awarded as they learn important life skills.

SIS | Swiss International School

Aikido classes is offered as a regular after-school program at SIS and has been very popular since launch. Classes are separated into different age groups, with the older group P3-6 practicing on Tuesdays & P1-2 on Thursdays.


At Aikido By the Bay we are all very excited with the expansion our successful U.S. based program. Aikido training has many benefits, it stimulates awareness, improves confidence and focus, and offers alternatives on how to relay with conflict.